About the Artist

Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American painter whose gestural mark making
harmonizes expressive color palettes with world mythologies. His work has won
awards from George Washington University, the Korean Artists Association, the
Corcoran Gallery of Art and most recently the inaugural title of ‘Artist of the Year’ by
the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation. Lee draws inspiration from a broad range of
sources including Jungian psychoanalysis, local religious traditions, and his lifelong
commitment to martial arts. As stated by Daniel Weiss (President of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art), “Arthur’s paintings display a level of mastery that is rather
unprecedented for his age, he is blessed with a talent that pays tribute to our history.”
Arthur Kwon has been published in The Korea Times, Hyperallergic, Art Market
Magazine, Art Verge, Create! Magazine and a number of reputable critics in the New
York metropolitan area.

Prior to developing a love for painting, Lee was a Division One athlete who placed in
the US Tae Kwon Do Nationals for three consecutive years. Lee has carried this
martial intensity into his artwork where it translated into large-scale works and a
diversity of dynamic brushstrokes. The resulting compositions attest to an artist who
uses his entire body to paint symbolically evocative works that contain oblique
references to archetypal myths from around the world. Luminous colors, gestural
expressionism, and philosophical acumen bring a refreshing sentiment to art that
draws our sometimes compartmentalized and fractured times into a synthetic,
representative whole.