About the Artist

Yvette Molina is a Mexican-American artist focused on the relationship between justice
and caring. Her work is multidisciplinary and includes public engagement, painting,
processional banners, performance, comics, costumes, action figures, and collage.
Learning and incorporating traditional techniques is significant to her practice as a
means of connecting to history, culture, and embodied forms of ancestral knowledge.
Yvette is trained in gilding and egg tempera painting as well as Byzantine iconology with
a focus on the Russian Prosopon School techniques.

Ongoing projects include New Pantheon, a series of reimagined, hybrid gods born to
confront the world’s challenges, and Big Bang Votive, a large-scale installation and
communal storytelling project centered on love and delight.

Yvette has exhibited across the US and internationally at venues such as the American
Embassies in Uruguay and Latvia, the Stockholm Fringe Festival, Brattleboro Museum
in Vermont, The Newark Museum of Art, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Arsenal
Contemporary, Spring Break Art Show, NADA Art Fair and the Legion of Honor and de
Young Museums of California as an AIR awardee. Other residency fellowships include
the Vermont Studio Center, Jentel Foundation, UC Berkeley Worth Ryder Gallery, and
the Edward F. Albee Foundation. Born in Kansas City, Yvette currently splits her time
between Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY.