A Land of All Possibles

May 5 - June 11, 2022

168 Suffolk Street


Curated by Anne-Laure Lematire

Trotter&Sholer is pleased to present A Land of All Possibles, a group exhibition curated by Anne Laure Lemaitre, featuring Amy Bravo, Shyama Golden, Alexa Hatanaka, Melanie Luna, and Beau Bree Rhee. The exhibition includes works from a variety of disciplines focused on ideas surrounding relationship to land.

At the connecting point between culture, origin, experiences and interests exists a special unique place, a personal emotion- al territory we alone can fully map and explore. This land is our core, shaped from the deep matter of our being, from our memories, our legacy, our encounters, our beliefs. Yet, this complex connective tissue which inherently defines us remains an approximation or an abstraction for others, solely able to perceive a fraction of these grounds.

When raised in multiple countries or with diasporic identities, this land becomes a dialect spoken by one, where attitudes, ways of being, of doing, of feeling and perceiving get lost in translation, disjointed and disconnected from a dominant and somewhat homogenous layer of cultural habits, signifiers and values acting as common understanding between all.

A Land of All Possibles investigates how creators raised and/or living in-between multiple contexts, cultures and identities can build a unique space of belonging both metaphorically and subjectively distinctive, yet profoundly anchored in-their-reality.

The artists featured in A Land of All Possibles all have a will to own their complex stories: whether connecting to a hybridiza- tion of their roots, regenerating land as an act of creative care & relation with ecology, belonging and foreignness, speaking of our core human commonality or bringing to life ethereal forms from one world into the next. Each of their practices, filled with idioms and layered knowledge specific to themselves alone transcends an intimate language to touch a broader univer- sal experience.
These five artists are uncompromisingly reclaiming space for the many pieces of themselves and unleashing them with reso- lute intent into the world.