Kismet: Lara Saget

Trotter&Sholer and AB NY Gallery are pleased to present Kismet, a solo presentation of artwork and Wearable Sculpture by Lara Saget. Kismet can be defined as a hypothetical force or personifed power that determines the course of the future.


Saget delights in allowing materials to collide and express themselves through her work. Her practice is defined by her desire to bring together disparate materials, like rock, glass, and bronze in ways that are unexpected and even improbable – pulled together and united by forces sometimes seemingly beyond her control.


Saget’s work requires that she considers the laws of the natural world as she works to combine thermally in-compatible materials. She is highly inspired by the interconnectedness and communication of living organisms and the process of decay and renewal which transmutes plurality into a singularity.


Saget’s artistic practice is holistic and experiential. She is inspired by the forces that extend beyond the physical world; the sounds and vibrations of trees and spaces. The Wearable Sculpture works are named for volcanoes. For Saget extreme heat is a method of breaking down and uniting materials into a singular entity. Working with molten glass and metal requires a respect and reverence for the material and her use of stone and rock grounds the work and provides a balance to its intense heat and energy.


Kismet is a continuation of Saget’s celebration of natural materials and her exploration of their limits. This show marks the first exhibition of her Wearable Sculpture alongside her established traditional artistic practice.


Sometimes kismet is unavoidable. This happily fated confuence of events relates not only to Saget’s artistic practice, but also to the collaborative energy that led to this exhibition. In celebration of kismet and bringing together unlike things to create magic, Saget has invited magician Josh Beckerman and musician Michael Fredo to help bring kismet to life through performance at the exhibition’s opening event on July 20th.


We are excited to welcome you to this exhibition that will be on view from July 20th through August 4th at 62 Newtown Ln Walk down, Park Pl, East Hampton, NY 11937.